In Colorado, outdoor living is not just a luxury, it’s an expectation. At IBEX, we understand that decks are the epitome of home life in this beautiful state. However, not all decks are created equal. While many can build decks, very few can design and construct them with exceptional attention to detail.

When it comes to installing your decking and handrails, we only use carpenters who excel in finish work, not just framing. This ensures that the level of craftsmanship and quality expected on the interior of the home is replicated on the exterior.


But it doesn’t stop at decking alone, we also create outdoor sanctuaries. These may include spaces with heating and cooling systems, kitchens and outdoor bars. We work on every accent that contributes to a seamless outdoor living experience. 

Together with the designers we will bring the client’s vision of an outdoor sanctuary to life, while also ensuring that every detail comes together flawlessly.

Fire Rings and Fireplaces

And let’s not forget about those cozy evenings under the stars. An outdoor deck fire ring or fireplace adds that perfect touch of Colorado charm to enjoy all year long. Our skilled stone masons have a knack for bringing a piece of the mountains straight to decks and patios. 

At IBEX, we take pride in creating breathtaking outdoor spaces. Trust us with your patio or deck construction project and we will provide elevated outdoor living.


Concrete Flatwork is a versatile, durable, and cost-effective option for enhancing outdoor spaces. Our team specializes in delivering precise and long-lasting concrete designs that not only look exceptional but also withstand the test of time. Whether it’s driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, entries, or retaining walls, we have the expertise to transform your client’s outdoor areas. One of our specialties is stamped concrete designs. With this technique, we can add sophistication and charm to patios, walkways, driveways, and more. Our highly skilled craftsmen are capable of creating intricate patterns and textures that mimic the appearance of various materials including stone, brick, and wood. The result is not just a plain concrete surface; it’s a true masterpiece that enhances the visual appeal of your client’s property. We work closely with you, your designer, and your clients to design and construct outdoor living spaces that seamlessly complement your home’s unique architecture and your outdoor lifestyle. Our goal is to create stunning outdoor areas that elevate the overall beauty of your property.