Bathroom Tile

A successful installation not only requires skilled installers but also effective communication between the installer, builder, and designer. The installer should provide feedback on potential issues, projection of installation timelines, and address any aesthetic concerns. If a layout plan is not provided by the designer, we are here to assist. Our experienced installation lead will arrange a meeting with you and possibly the client on site before starting the installation. During this meeting, we will cover various important aspects including: 


  • Selection of tiles, edging and surfaces
  • Grout type and color
  • Design considerations for niches, shelves, curbs and benches
  • Specifications for drains and plumbing fixture placement and needs
  • Layout options for shower pans with or without curbs
  • Wall tile arrangements
  •  Edging details such as bullnose or fabricated edges, as well as Schluter edging if required
  • Necessary blocking for added support, grab bars and glass installations
  • Fabrication requirements along with timing considerations for solid surface installations

Moreover, tile installations are only as good as what is underneath the tile. It’s critical for us to assess not only the substrate but the framing on which it lies.  

By addressing these details upfront in our consultation meetings, we strive to provide unparalleled tile installations that exceed your specific needs.


Backsplash, wainscotting and accent walls are powerful ways to add beauty and function to a space and therefore, require much attention.

Bathroom accessories, heated towel towel sets, lights, plugs, lights, mirrors and faucets all have lines, and have placements that will impact the lines and finishes of your tile. Let us help you think that through and create an amazing result for your clients.

Floor Tile

Floor tile installations are only as good as what is underneath the tile. It’s critical for us to assess not only the substrate but the framing on which it lies.  

With our installations, we will inspect the substate weeks ahead of the installation. If needed, we will also scope below the substrate to confirm the framing is adequate for the type of installation at hand. With approval, we can work on any additional support or substrate upgrades where needed. 

Once complete we will always use a Schluter-Ditra Uncoupleing Membrane, (non-heated or heated) specified for the tile or stone material being installed. We will provide those materials so you don’t have to worry about another task on your list to manage.  

Prior to the first tile going down, we will review the layout and/or plans with you, double check any lines and provide options for aesthetic nuances that may not yet be evident to ensure a beautiful finished product. Sometimes these things may be as simple as starting a staggered layout with a different row or may involve something more complex such as building and tiling a floor soffit behind a free-standing vanity to hide any drains or supply lines and ensure that beautiful final result. 

Beautiful Living Room in New Modern Home
A pet wash station in a renovated laundry room with white cabinets, patterned tiles, and a chrome faucet.


Our focus is on providing luxurious craftsmanship in the realm of masonry and stone work. We specialize in installing high-quality, customized stone work and masonry for various applications such as accent walls, fireplaces, patios, and exterior stone. 

With our team of highly skilled artisans, we bring years of experience and attention to detail to every project. Our goal is not just to meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. We handpick only the finest materials known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, creating stunning features that enhance both the beauty and value of the client’s home.

​​Prior to ordering any materials, we will meet with you and your client to discuss the stone layout, corners, custom cut options, dry or wet stacking options as well as how we will assist with colors and patterns with the actual stone prior to installation. 

Rest assured that during your installations, we will ensure extra attention is provided to protecting the floor, surrounding areas and adjoining spaces. Stone work is complicated, heavy and it requires the utmost attention to the protection of your job site and your client’s homes. For many of our installations we will provide:

  • Floor protections
  • Complete dust containment
  • OSB protection over ramboard floor protection layers
  • Finished concreate and floor stone protection