Working Process

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Plan, Job Site and Design Review, Consultation and Development

Our team understands the importance of fully comprehending your project and goals. We strive to match your level of understanding by conducting thorough site visits and reviewing any draft concepts you may have. We acknowledge that at the initial stages, preliminary budgets are often needed before preliminary plans are in place, and we are more than happy to assist with that. Working closely with you and your designers, we will walk through the concepts together and provide you with preliminary projections for each trade area where our services are required.

Preliminary Projections, RABca

We recognize the importance of providing Builders and Designers with early preliminary information and budgets. By having projected budgets in place, you can greatly enhance your level of service with your clients. Our team is here to assist you with this process, offering preliminary numbers at any stage of the project. We are also happy to revisit and update these figures as the plans progress and new ideas emerge, ensuring that the final plans are accurately reflected.

Our projection and estimating processes follow a structured approach known as RABca:

Results + Aesthetics = Budget that is both comfortable and aligned to your overall project plan

Through this process, we generate initial projections based on your current expected and desired "Results" and the "Aesthetic" vision you and your designer are considering for the project. These projections then translate into trade budgets tailored specifically for you. As your designs and ideas develop, we will provide ongoing assistance in reviewing and revising your budgets for both your desired results and aesthetic decisions until our budgets align seamlessly with your overall project plan, ultimately satisfying both your needs and those of your clients.


After finalizing and approving your preliminary projection as the benchmark for our trade work, we will present you with a formal agreement outlining our services and the collaborative process through which we will assist you.

Material Review, Quantity Review, Sampling of Profiles and Colors, Design Constructability Review and Feedback

Our team of trade experts is dedicated to assisting builders and designers throughout the development, design and preconstruction phases of their projects. We understand that there are numerous decisions to be made, such as selecting materials, determining quantities required, visualizing profiles of different materials, and assessing color compatibility on sample materials.

With our expertise, we can help you address, explore and find answers for all of these needs. Our team will carefully review your concepts, ideas and plans as they arise and develop and can provide input on or actual estimated take-offs for finish materials, allowing you to accurately price them as you progress. Additionally, we can provide samples of unfinished wood materials for color sampling purposes.

If needed, we can also create custom profiles for base and case moldings to give you a visual representation for your clients. Moreover, we can assist in creating trim profiles that show how the base and case moldings will come together. We are also capable of offering guidance in integrating door casings with the door headers, custom door and window header trim profiles as well as samples of possible window sills and surrounds.

Final IBEX Trade Estimates - Development, Review, Adjust and Approval

Once you have your final plans and designs, we will complete one final projected budget review and put together your final trade estimates.  These will reflect all of the updates and changes that were made and ensure everything is aligned to your final plans. 

We will provide these in the same formats that will be by the room and/or by the trade so they will work best with how you need to obtain final approvals from your clients.

Once your final plans and designs are ready, we will conduct a comprehensive scope and budget review and compile your final trade estimates to reflect any final updates and changes that were made. These estimates will be provided in formats organized by room or trade, ensuring they align perfectly with your final project plan. This approach will facilitate a smooth acquisition of any final approvals from your clients.

Construction Sequence, Timelines and Schedule Review

After obtaining approval from your clients, we will carefully assess your project sequences, desired timelines, and schedule specifics to determine the optimal placement of our team within your project schedule. This will enable us to seamlessly coordinate final job walks with our experienced on-site installers and deliveries with our teams.

In addition, we will help with and review any material takeoffs for our trade work. This includes an on-site material inventory and double check of the materials we will be installing for you. Once you have them on-site, we will come by to review.

Prior to our work starting we will also collaborate with you to arrange any necessary deliveries for our materials and equipment including discussing locations for our tools and workers.

Post Demolition Review

During the remodeling process, we recognize the importance of learning from and adapting to new information discovered during the demolition phase.

As such, we like to designate a time with you after demolition so you can make any necessary adjustments to our schedules. Additionally, if any scope modifications are required due to findings made during demolition, we can discuss those with you and provide you with any updates you need for your budgets and communications. To ensure transparency, we will provide detailed change orders for your review.

Invoicing and Budget Assessments

For our projects, we do require a small project deposit at the start of our first phase. From there we will provide detailed invoices that will be aligned with our estimate paperwork, its units and pricing. These will be sent based on the trade invoicing schedules we will provide for you along with the trade unit pricing provided with our estimates.

In addition to our invoices, we will also provide you with a comprehensive budget report for our work. These reports are meticulously prepared and will allow you to easily evaluate the financial status of our project. You'll be able to track the remaining tasks, compare your invoices to your trade budgets, and get an overall picture of your expenditures with us. Our accurate alignments and detailed reports ensure transparency and help you make informed decisions regarding our budgets and your project's finances.

Post Construction Cleaning

If you and your client are interested in post-construction cleaning services, we can arrange a time to schedule that once you reach the final finish trades phase. Please note that our cleaning schedules require a lead time of 3-4 weeks. If you would like to proceed with our post-construction cleaning services, we are happy to set a reminder for you